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  • Establishing ENERGIA News: A definitive resource on gender and energy

    ENERGIA News, a printed newsletter covering a number of topics related to gender and sustainable energy, was the result of the commitment and dedication of a group of energy and gender experts. The newsletter provided a forum to collect, analyse, discuss and disseminate information and experiences, and was one of the few resources focused on the gender and energy nexus.

  • Stronger together: Using robust partnerships to mainstream gender in the energy sector

    ENERGIA activities focused on establishing partner relationships with various institutions to influence energy programs and incorporate a gender perspective. ENERGIA advised and assisted institutions, groups, and networks in preparing highly credible and well-researched papers for international meetings and in building their advocacy capacities to participate in high-level expert groups and panels.

  • A catalyst for change: Building the gender and energy network

    The lack of attention to gender in the energy sector, and the consequent lack of participation by women, inspired ENERGIA’s Phase 1. A network created by gender and energy experts from all over the world represented the best option to catalyse attention and raise awareness of the challenges women faced in the energy sector.