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Establishing ENERGIA News: A definitive resource on gender and energy

ENERGIA News, a printed newsletter covering a number of topics related to gender and sustainable energy, was the result of the commitment and dedication of a group of energy and gender experts. The newsletter provided a forum to collect, analyse, discuss and disseminate information and experiences, and was one of the few resources focused on the gender and energy nexus.

ENERGIA News looked at areas where women’s roles had not yet been recognized, such as rural electrification, transport, the energy transition, renewable energy, energy decision making and forestry. The publication was well received by the audience because it provided information not available at the time, giving legitimacy to the topic. Subscriptions (free-of-charge) increased from a few dozen at the time of the original proposal, to 530 by the time ENERGIA News first launched, and to more than 900 by the seventh newsletter. To ensure a balance of representation from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America, ENERGIA News featured women energy professionals and articles from all regions. However, a lack of information and studies was challenging. Editors were heavily involved in the development of the content, but inputs from countries without widespread energy access were still limited. This influenced Phase 2 of our development and highlighted the need for case studies and research with a focus on gender and energy.