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  • ENERGIA News 4, October 1997: Role of Women in Rural Energy Programmes

    ENERGIA News 4, October 1997 –   In the rural areas of India and other third world countries, women have traditionally shouldered the responsibility of managing the domestic energy requirements for their families. As the predominant sources of fuel are derived from biomass resources, women have a very intrinsic and symbiotic relationship with their surrounding […]

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  • ENERGIA News 1, December 1996: Energy for Women and Women for Energy: A proposal for women’s energy entrepreneurship

    ENERGIA News 1, December 1996 – It is well known that women usually bear the burden of providing biomass fuels for daily domestic use. Less well known is the extent to which human energy is an essential element in the household economy. The results of a case study of a typical village in Karnataka, India, […]

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  • ENERGIA News 1, December 1996: From Rio to Beijing – Engendering the energy debate

    ENERGIA News 1, December 1996 New perspectives in the energy sector adopted at the Rio Conference, and new approaches to gender issues discussed at the Beijing Conference, are especially congenial to the adoption of a gender approach in energy policy and planning at this time. This article suggests that mutual concerns in energy fora and […]

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