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Prioritizing networking and engagement

ENERGIA has always believed in the importance of creating a strong network that shares the same mission and values, in order to increase the effectiveness and impact of our actions and to voice our messages more broadly. At this time, ENERGIA Network was comprised of national networks in 22 countries (9 in Asia and 13 in Africa).

ENERGIA strengthened networking and partnerships at regional and national levels, supporting advocacy initiatives with training, national and international events and media campaigns to disseminate knowledge on gender and energy. ENERGIA also provided network members with comprehensive background information on preparing fact sheets, position papers, statements, speeches and presentations. We also offered mentorship, in which we supported advocates in learning how to lobby government representatives, collaborate with caucus groups, organise side events, secure invitations to serve as expert speakers and garner media attention.

ENERGIA also emphasised the importance of including women’s perspectives and views in all decision-making processes, including advocacy activities, to show how these contributions could make a difference in policy and project outcomes.