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Participating in national and international meetings

Aiming to create a gender-responsive energy sector that supports not only women entrepreneurs at the local level, but also women and gender discussions at the global level, ENERGIA implemented global and national advocacy activities at relevant national and international meetings.

ENERGIA worked at national and international levels collaborating with various partners to promote women’s role in the energy sector and women’s engagement in the decision making process. Within the international policy arena, ENERGIA participated in high-level events to influence global SDG7 actors and advance progress on gender equality and energy access. As members of the SDG7 Technical Advisory Group, ENERGIA highlighted the linkages between SDG7 (energy access) and SDG5 (gender equality), and how the achievement of these goals could serve to progress many other SDGs.

ENERGIA used its research findings to inform policy and practice and translate evidence into recommendations. ENERGIA contributed to put the challenge of the adoption of clean cooking technologies on the top of the political agenda by organising and participating in high-level side events. We also convened various actors to discuss multisectoral long- and short-term socioeconomic interventions needed to reduce inequalities in the energy sector and accelerate action.

We believed that a truly inclusive energy sector should hear each and every voice within the sector. ENERGIA brought women entrepreneurs to international events to share their stories, challenges and successes. Successful and inspiring examples are the SeforALL Forum in New York and the Vienna Energy Forum.We held strong to our belief that an equal and inclusive energy transformation must look at the energy needs of men and women.