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Gender mainstreaming at the institutional level

Gender mainstreaming continued to be crucial and cross-cutting in most of ENERGIA’s activities. ENERGIA supported ministries of energy, rural electrification agencies, electric utilities and nationally implemented donor programs to apply a gender lens to organizational processes, practices and operations.

ENERGIA supported gender mainstreaming in energy projects and programs by analyzing the context, developing a Gender Action Plan (GAP), organizing training and disseminating tools. This aimed to maximize the benefits of energy projects for both women and men, and enhance the sustainability of energy initiatives.

ENERGIA also supported gender mainstreaming in policies through gender audits, which provided in-depth analysis of energy planning, budgets and the institutional capacity of ministries to implement gender-mainstreaming strategies. ENERGIA examined the links between gender, energy and broader national development objectives to identify specific actions that could be used to address possible gender gaps in existing national energy policy formulation and implementation.