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Encouraging advocacy: Supporting stakeholders at the international level

One of ENERGIA’s key activities was to strengthen the advocacy skills of participants at international conferences so that they could successfully influence decisions in negotiations. ENERGIA provided training and advisory services to enable organisations and individuals who were keen to participate in international events to deepen their advocacy skills and increase the effectiveness of their messages.

ENERGIA started working on different manuals that served as guidelines for advocacy activities, including language, presentation at international events and materials to develop. Activities also included support for publications on gender and energy, speakers in workshops, training materials and funding for energy projects focusing on or incorporating gender aspects.

Capacity building activities were also directed to policy makers, institution staff, leaders and technical advisors, with a need to increase their knowledge and skills of gender as related to the energy sector. In this context, ENERGIA organised a series of training courses on gender and energy in partnership with Winrock International. Policymakers and financial institution staff from the Department of Rural Electrification in Senegal and the South African Department of Minerals and Energy participated. ENERGIA also co-facilitated a training workshop focusing on the role of women leaders in the uptake of renewable energy technology.